Ana Aslan Geriatric Health Care Institute

Ana Aslan was born in Braila in the year 1897 and died in 1988. She studied at the Faculty of Medicine in Bucharest between 1915 and 1922. Doctor Ana Aslan professed as a cardiology teacher at the Faculty of Medicine in Timisoara for 5 years (between 1945 and 1949). Starting with 1949 she moved in Bucharest. Until the year 1952 dr. Ana Aslan was head of department at the Institute of Endocrinology.

She was chosen General Director of the Institute of Geriatrics in 1952. Ana Aslan, a pioneer scientist in the world of gerontology, also focused on social gerontology. Ana Aslan came with propositions and built a systematic countermeasure program that stimulated third-age people’s activities. Doctor Ana Aslan became aware of the action of Procaine and introduced it as a medicine to be taken in small dose on long term treatments, for its curing and prophylactic benefits.

The Gerovital H3 is the first original Romanian product and also worldwide the first medicine designed to delay the human aging processes. It was developed as a result of numerous clinical and experimental studies between 1946 and 1956 by Professor Ana Aslan and her followers.