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26 SepResearches concerning vasomotor inervation in man

In the year 1924 Ana Aslan presented her Doctorĺs thesis in Bucharest, Romania. The thesis is called ôResearches concerning vasomotor inervation in manö (Original name in Romanian language is: ôCercetari asupra inervatiei vasomotoare la omö).

26 SepScientific papers from 1923

Doctor Ana Aslan wrote in collaboration with D. Danielopolu and A. Carnol: “Reflexe oculovasculaire. Bull. et Mem. de la Soc. Med. des Hopitaux de Paris”  on 9 march 1923.

On 25 July 1923 Ana Aslan in colaboration with D. Danielopolu and A. Radovici, D. Simici, A. Carniol, E. Revici, C. Dumitru wrote the article “Les epreuves vegetatives” which got published in the paper “La Presse Medicale” Nr. 59

“Syndrome protuberentiel pararterite specifique” published on December the 10th 1923 by Ana Aslan in collaboration with L. Belgiugateanu.