20 DecScientific papers from 1962-1965

Ana Aslan, in collaboration with dr. L. Campeanu, dr. A. Timand: Le test Thorn de l eosinophenie experimentale par la Gerovital H3, Giornale Gerontol., Firenze, 10, p. 345-349, 1962.
Ana Aslan: Contributions concernant d une therapeitique des phenomenes de vieillissement. Prophylaxe u Therapie , 5, p. 1-6, 1962.
Ana Aslan: The therapeutics of old age. The action of procaine, clinical and experimental conclusions, Congres of the International Assoc. of Geront. San Francisco, S.U.A., Medical and Clinical Aspects of Aging , H.T. Blumenthal ED., 4, p. 272-292, Columbia Univ. Press, New York, 1962.
Ana Aslan: The present stage of procain therapy in geriatrics. E-Beregi, Ed. Int. Conf. Hungarian Gerontol., Budapest, p. 96, 1962 and French. Abstract in Rev. Fr. Geront., 9, p. 370, 1963.
Ana Aslan in collaboration with dr. Al. Ciuca, dr C. David: The gerontological center, C. Beregi, Ed. Int. Conf. Hungarian Geront. Budapest, p. 76, 1962 and Abstract in Rev. Fr. Geront., 9, p. 379, 1963.
Ana Aslan in collaboration with dr. C. David , dr. D. Nicolae, dr. D. Beloiu, dr. D. Hatmanu.: Ulcer diseases in the aged. Abstract in Rev. Franc. Geront., 9, p. 345, 1963. Intern. Conf. on Geront. Akademiai Kiado, Budapest, p. 247-256, 1965.
Ana Aslan, in collaboration with dr L. Campeanu, dr. S. Stanescu: Long-Term treatment with procaine in white rats. Experta Medica Internat. Congr., Copenhagen , Series 57, p., 38, 1963. J. Geront. 20/1, p. 1-8, 1965.

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